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him. Traduzioni aggiuntive sneak (underhand person) codardo nm, tamsin thinks Simon is a sneak. To move, put, pass, etc., in a stealthy or furtive manner: He sneaked the gun into his pocket. Using A Blood Test To Predict Gender of Fetus. Haldeman-Julius You're afraid of my making you split upon some of your babbling just now, are you, Sneak?' You cannot help thinking that the sneak would be a tyrant, if he had the opportunity. The pilot aired as a special sneak preview episode a few days prior to the premiere. The lawsuit is pending but its not based off any damning information. How Accurate is the Sneak Peek Test? It has been well studied and found to be highly accurate in independent trials. American Society for Human Genetics, which found that the capillary blood testing technique employed at Sneak Peek was: 100 Sensitive. What Are Your Results?

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Of feelings, suspicions, etc., from 1748. Evidence, but one might expect less noise surrounding a 99 accurate product. Out of 153 samples studied there were only 2 false positives and no false negatives (Meaning, only two girls identified as boys and no boys identified as girls.). "a sneaking person; mean, contemptible fellow 1640s, from sneak (v.). Sneak up on sb/sth vi phrasal prep (approach stealthily) avvicinarsi a qlcn di nascosto, avvicinarsi a qlcn di soppiatto v rif sneak up on sb vi phrasal prep figurative (be unexpectedly successful) ( figurato ) cogliere di sorpresa vtr That movie sneaked up on everyone;. From Wikipedia The publicist ensures the media are well aware of a project by distributing the show as a trial run or sneak preview.