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eat them, never had the courage to try one Night shift was the best not many supervisors around we would race the jammers (bomb loaders) on the flight line for fun. Trailer with 200 lb pave way bombs. John has given me permission to share some of his photos and a little of his time in Ubon. I am glad he did as like everyone who has provided this blog with information about old time Ubon it someya gutscheine makes for compelling reading and viewing. Rice bugs were something else, we had a line supervisor who had a bungalow and girlfriend down town so during brief down time from loading he had us collecting rice bugs that were attracted to the flight line lights.

We had house boys that did our laundry and to this day I can remember the rice starch they put in our fatigues. I was the third crew member on a four man load crew that loaded munitions on the F-4 fighter (pictures show what we loaded). He had been reading through my various posts about Ubon Ratchathani at around the time of the Vietnam war (you can find all these posts grouped together here ) and decided to make contact.

FG 433rd squadron with pave ways loaded. I recently received an email from a Mr John Bemiss. Load of Mk 82s with fuse extenders. My job classification was weapons mechanic (462X0) munitions loader. Awesome to watch at night when they took off. Trailer of napalm waiting to be loaded, remember the white phosphorous fuses delivered in ammon cans filled with water. I was sent TDY to train on C-130 gunship repair and had orders to work in the gun shop at Ubon. Load of AIM 9 Missles. Told them after a while no starch, tom tailor home gutschein funktioniert nicht you would sweat and your fatigues would get all sticky. Hooches to the right and enlisted quarters at the end of the road. When I got to Ubon end of January 1970 the gun shop was fully manned and they assigned me to the 408th munitions maintenance squadron. Sign you see after getting off C-130 flight from Bangkok, home for the next 12 months.

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